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Who the hell is Masshole Report?

In The Cult Of Kearney, There Will Be Consequences For Walking Away

You can read the first installment detailing Aidan Kearney’s dishonesty, mental instability, sexual deviance and criminal behavior here. Aidan Kearney won’t let others walk away from him of their own volition. He has essentially weaponized his online sh*t smear of a blog, “Turtleboy Sports”, to hold others emotionally hostage. Much like an emotionally disturbed 13-year-old

Turtleboy Lies About Hacking To Cover Up His Own Misdeeds

Professional douchecanoe and low-rent “blogger” Aidan Kearney of Turtleboy Sports has made a living airing other people’s dirty laundry. We have his – no hacking necessary. As reviled internet trolls and relentless dissenters, the list of individuals embroiled in online feuds with Masshole Report is certainly lengthy and distinguished. But no feud has been quite