Viral Video Depicts Celebrity Dog Trainer Brutalizing Puppy

A viral video posted Tuesday captured the disturbing moments when dog trainer Manuel Golden of Tycal K9 brutalized a young Malinois puppy while under his care and direction:

In the video, Golden is seen attempting to train the puppy, before becoming frustrated, lifting him into the air by the collar, and violently slamming him down onto the concrete floor below.

Manuel Golden and wife Jennfier Golden pose for Tycal K9’s social media

The video, posted to Facebook by dog breeder Kayla Gibson, was accompanied by allegations that Golden had taken a puppy from one of her litters, essentially held it ransom, and then refused to return or feed it.

“I would like to make a public statement that I no longer associate, nor condone or support TyCal and Manuel Golden. Firstly I want to apologize to anyone who I suggested TyCal would be a good place to train your dog. I was unaware of the deplorable conditions he keeps dogs in, his non-existent care of animals, and his brutal “training methods” I put training methods in quotes because I’m not aware of a trainer who would consider shattering a five month old pups rear end “training”
One of my producing’s, Musa, was stolen by Manuel. Musa was left with a pet sitter(with a signed contract for the duration of his stay) when Manuel went to the pet sitters home and threatened her until she gave him Musa. He then took Musa to the TyCal facility, and told Musa’s owners they had to pay him 6k to get the dog back. He told me he would not be feeding him, while simultaneously telling Musa’s owner that he is going to sell him.
I originally posted the edited version in hopes that he would not want the world watching him shattering a puppies rear end, and he would return the dog he stole unharmed. He publicly stated that what he did to that puppy was justified, and he has a valid reason for SHATTERING a PUPPYS whole rear end. (The puppy in the video is MugShot- not Musa.)
If you support TyCal please watch this video and really see what you are associating yourself with. A man with a very short temper who believes it’s ok to shatter puppies rear ends and steal peoples dogs. My main priority right now is getting Musa home safe and I will not be stopping until he is.
Please share if you can to make people aware of his deplorable actions and help get justice for Musa. #justiceformusa

It appears that Golden responded to this post, confirming that he would not feed the pup.

Manuel Golden

The breeder alleges in a later post that the puppy taken from the dog sitter has yet to be recovered, may be deceased, and details allegations of inhumane, crowded, and unsanitary conditions in Tycal K9’s kennel, stating:

“Since making the post I’ve had quite of few people reach out to me privately with their own stories. I’ve had another person reach out to tell me Musa is dead, but I have not received any proof of if he is alive or dead. So to the people who claim to know where Musa is and what condition he is in, could you please give me proof as I have been distraught over hearing he is dead. What I have received proof of how disgusting the back of his facility is. In the photos attached, I was told that their is a dog in every single crate you see, including the plastic ones. I was told about a procedure they call “Code Red” When the fire marshal shows up the employees knows what role they have to do and to not allow them in the back. I was told that TyCal only has 12 kennel runs but keeps 100+ dogs in the facility. Also to clear up some question; I am the breeder of Musa, he is not my pup. Musa is owned by a veteran who is dealing with this from the court perspective (to get Musa back through the courts will take months- I went to social media because I believe we can as a community get things done faster and I don’t want Musa in his hands a second longer). The police are telling us because the pet sitter will not admit to the threats from Manuel(she is on his payroll as well) it is a civil matter and that it has to go through the courts. To anyone who has any proof about Musa please reach out. It’s hard to believe he is alive when I’ve had two people tell me he is not and had Manuel tell me himself he would not be feeding him.”

Dog trainer Jesse Cortez also shared the video to Instagram, stating:

Manuel Golden is the registered owner of Tycal K9, as well as Tycal K9 Quencher, a dubious-looking product marketed as a “canine energy drink” and hydration aid, with an equally dubious-looking website.

….But it’s veterinarian recommended?

Golden is also listed as owning DogMoney, a company purporting to sell dog collars, duffle bags, and backpacks.

He is a self-proclaimed “celebrity dog trainer”, boasting celebrity clients which include NBA and reality TV stars:

Whose methods include shattering the rear of a puppy for….reasons. The power of God?

According to a post made to the Arcola Police Department’s Facebook page on January 12, 2021, police are aware of the incident and it is currently under investigation.

“The Arcola Police Department is aware of this video of the puppy and has an open investigation. If you have any information regarding this video please contact the Arcola Police Department at 281.431.5205 or the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s office at 281.341.4460.”


  1. This is what so-called ‘celebrities’ do behind closed doors with the millions we pay them. Stop worshipping them. Many are assholes. Remember Michael Vick? After it was proven that he had engaged in the abuse of many dogs and even went to jail, he got a job at Fox afterwards. Nobody cares about animals and the more money people have, the more they get to legalize this kind of abuse !!!! Stop supporting celebrities who support people like Manuel Golden and then hide behind the lie that they didn’t know…. they knew.

  2. That advertisement has more spelling and grammatical errors than a 5th-grade book report. I pasted it into Wordpad and it lit up like Luminal at a crime scene. Anyone who thinks that a seriously vetted product would be sold under that inept banner is a fool who is about to be parted with his money. That template has been used for every internet snake oil scam I can think of–diet pills, penis enlargers, rent-to-own, you name it. Not to mention that most of the ingredients they do bother to list are versions of sugar–since when does any vet recommend sugar for a dog’s healthy diet? What’s next–expresso? I hope this video gets wider play in all media in the Texas region, because animal cruelty laws won’t have the teeth that public uproar –especially on social media–will; and if ever a scumbag deserved the junkyard dog treatment, it’s Manual Golden.

  3. My comments questioning ABC13 and the DA’s response are being erased from the internet. Who is protecting this idiot?
    KN M
    1 second ago
    My comments are being automatically erased. This site is not good. Just saw this purported ‘proof’ that Mugshot (the dog in the abuse video) is okay. What a bunch of rubbish reporting by ABC 13. Seems like an assinine and unprofessional attempt to put the matter to bed ! ABC 13 and the DA’s office owe the public a more thorough accounting of what happened to that dog?

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