In The Cult Of Kearney, There Will Be Consequences For Walking Away

You can read the first installment detailing Aidan Kearney’s dishonesty, mental instability, sexual deviance and criminal behavior here.

Aidan Kearney won’t let others walk away from him of their own volition. He has essentially weaponized his online sh*t smear of a blog, “Turtleboy Sports”, to hold others emotionally hostage.

Much like an emotionally disturbed 13-year-old girl, Aidan not only demands blind loyalty from essentially every stranger and acquaintance he encounters online, but also regularly plays the “I saw you talking to ____” game. Unlike a 13-year-old girl, he is not in middle school anymore, and uses threats against other adults’ reputations, families and livelihood to enforce his will.

Dozens of individuals have been on the receiving end of these psychotic and threatening personal messages from Aidan, for the high crime of either speaking to someone he has designated as an “enemy of Turtleboy”, or wanting to part ways with him after his unhinged behavior and demands get to be too much.

“You know what I do for a living”.

Aidan has also in the past expressed his desire to ruin the reputation of businesses who refuse to host free-of-cost “fundraiser” events for him, simply because he feels entitled.

If threats don’t work, Aidan will also employ another tactic – guilt and manipulation. He often threatens self-harm and suicide, vacillating between playing both the domineering and intimidating victimizer, and the weak and vulnerable perpetual victim. He’ll use whichever tactic he gauges will give him control over the individual target in his sights.

Aidan has a reason for his insistence that his “followers” remain blindly loyal, however. He is running what is essentially an online cult – a group that’s sole existence revolves around his own personal needs – his financial needs, his ego, his personal vendettas and his sexual needs. He surrounds himself with a small and fiercely loyal “inner circle”, comprised exclusively of women. These women serve as his emotional support group, his co-conspirators and accomplices, and more. He preys upon women that he finds through his blog to develop sexual relationships with them. He uses his “trusted few” to help him break the law, create false “evidence” to slander others (or worse), and put the objects of his intense and vindictive obsessions under near-constant online surveillance.

Once he has these people firmly in his grasp, an exit seems hopeless. Aidan has all the dirt he has had them do for him in his back pocket, and he is all to eager to pull it out on detractors. And the most glaring example of this to date, is the story of Hadassah Robeson and the wiretapping allegations.

For a little bit of background to start, Aidan Kearney has repeatedly demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the law. From the borderline criminal harassment he aims at the objects of his ire, to the fabrication of threats against his own children that he used as evidence with both the police and a court of law, Aidan regularly disregards the line between legal and illegal, moral and immoral. Aidan is no stranger to illegally recording others without their knowledge or consent, and in the past has approached others to disseminate these recordings in an attempt to hide his own potential culpability.

So this sort of behavior is nothing new for him.

In late summer of 2019, Aidan Kearney wrote a series of blog posts concerning a woman named Hadassah Robeson, and her “pet friendly homeless shelter”, the Gan Rivkah Center in Milford, MA. In this lengthy series of posts, Aidan uncovered substandard and unsanitary living conditions and dubious practices that included demanding 30% of the monthly incomes of every homeless family she served. Failure to pay would result in these women, their children and pets being unceremoniously thrown out of the shelter and often a local police response.

So, overall, not a great situation. Certainly one that actually required the public awareness that Aidan gave to the issue.

During the course of Aidan’s investigation into Hadassah Robeson and the Gan Rivkah Center, Aidan enlisted the help of a woman who was local and familiar to Hadassah to call her on the telephone, and record the ensuing conversation for him. He was acutely aware that doing so would risk legal repercussions.

Aidan was repeatedly advised NOT to disseminate the recording, but he did anyway. Within hours of receiving it from the woman he had commissioned to break the law for him.

Unsurprisingly, shortly after portions of the recording were released, Hadassah filed a complaint with her local police station, and charges were subsequently filed. Not against Aidan, but against the woman he had used and scapegoated.

This criminal case has now dragged on for nearly 3 years.

Throughout the past 3 years, Aidan has done nothing to help this woman with the legal issues she now faces for a recording that was done for his own benefit. Aidan’s blogs are monetized, at the time his videos were monetized, and he received monetary donations for his “good work” exposing the exploitation occurring at the Gan Rivkah center. What he did do, is use promises to help his scapegoat with her legal case and mounting legal fees, as well as the fear of an impending felony conviction, to string her along and keep her tightly within the grasp of his “inner circle”.

Until the demands became too much for her. Then she began leaking out screenshots and information detailing Aidan’s illegal and immoral behavior and attempted to escape his intimidation and manipulation. In retaliation, Aidan is now doing this:

Since deleted video of Aidan Kearney’s drunken and threatening rant. Internet is forever, toots.

If you don’t have an hour of your life to waste on a middle aged megalomaniac’s drunken ranting, I’ll sum it up for you. He proclaims himself to have “teamed up” with Hadassah, threatens to testify against the woman he recruited himself to record the convesation in the first place, threatens the woman’s business, home, family and children. Sprinkled in there are some already debunked lies about how he “never sent naked photos of his kids to anyone”:

“Yes, I sent the hacker the picture of my kids in the tub.”


And goes on to ramble on about how she should know better than to “poke” at him, because she should “know who she’s messing with.”

Oh, we know, all right.

Privately, he has been sending repeated harassing messages to this woman, threatening her with the court, as well as sending screenshots of some apparent erotic text messages and threatening to send them to her 13 year old son.

He repeatedly threatens the 13-year old by name. Because when all else fails in Aidan’s world… threaten to send erotica to a minor….?

Seems legit., Aidan. Seems legit. This is absolutely not the way sane and well adjusted adults handle personal relationships. But Aidan Kearney is neither sane nor well adjusted. He is the King of his own delusions, reigning his insular little online cult with a iron fist, armed with threats and intimidation. Those who get mixed up into his twisted little world grow to eventually regret it, as they find themselves at the mercy of a mercurial and unhinged leader who has no qualms with using every dishonest, vindictive and cruel tool at his disposal to protect his own interests and wreck havoc on those who dare to oppose him. Families, businesses, personal friendships and children are never off-limits for him, as he pursues power and gain through the manipulation of those he perceives as below him. And as we will see in the next installment, he perceives most people he encounters as expendable and below him – and uses them for all they are worth, by any means necessary.


  1. I’m just shocked this nugget has friends to drink with.

    1. Considering he’s turned on literally everyone, anyone still friends with this guy deserves it when he turns on them. And he will. We have warned them and warned them and shown proof time and again. I’m surprised the bar let him do a livestream. What sane person or business wants to be associated with him?

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